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Hey, i "got" more portuguese ships, because technically i just got one, let me explain. I have plans of 3 different ships. One of them is from a 3rd rate ship but has no data and name(http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/81037.html?_ga=1.70445782.712756216.1451744237) post-11119-0-04509100-1451952602_thumb.jpg


At royal museum greenwich i searched for the portuguese ship Príncipe Regente and i found this ship (http://prints.rmg.co.uk/art/492661/prince-regent-1814) but with the name Prince Regent with the data 1814.post-11119-0-45569200-1451949793_thumb.jpg


The last ship is a 3rd rate 74 guns, 2 decks  called Medusa(just when it was rebuilt(went to 80 instead of 74) in 1793) launched in 24 august 1786 with the name Nossa Senhora do Monte do Carmo.


Crew: 500-650

Length: 51,94 m

Breadth: 13,65 m

1786 - 74 guns = 28 guns of 32 pounders ||30 guns of 18 pounders ||16 guns of 9 pounders
1793 - 1822 - 80 guns = 30 guns of 32 pounders |34 guns of 18 pounders ||16 guns of 9 pounders
post-11119-0-26186100-1451949796_thumb.jpg post-11119-0-35265700-1451949799_thumb.jpg post-11119-0-41570200-1451949802_thumb.jpg
Say what you think! :D
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hi i live in portugal my self the ships are very nice.well done sir :)

I'm from portugal too (sou de barcelos) 


I think portuguese ships must be added to game. I had try to find some plans myself but with no result. So it s great, you got it. Good job. Portugal had significant fleet and it will be fair to bring some ships here.

They do indeed. I had a hard time to find this plans 3 days searching all over the internet. I hope they add portuguese ships in the future maybe two or three, like a 1st class a 3rd and a 5th class. 

Now im going to search for 4th, 5th and 6th class portuguese ships and see what i can get.

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