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Dear Captains, with the portbattle launch the fact of diplomacy have increased much more then befor. To enter negotiations with other Clans, Guilds or Trading Companys it would be much easier to know

Dutch Die Schwarze Legion / DSL Otsego Drake / Nicolas Ramage German and English speaking

Spain Real Armada Española / RAE Antonanzas Comandante Antoñanzas Spanish, English, French.   By the by, wonderful idea!

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Server:  PvP1 Eu


Nation; Great Britain


Clan/Tag:  [DMENT] Dead Men Tell No Tales.


Leader: Steve the Privateer


Officers: Hans the Hawk, Zuldjan, TartanThug,  Bloni-BlimBlam The Cowardly


Diplomat: Steve the Privateer, TartanThug


Language: English speaking, but we are a multinational clan.

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Nation: Britain

Clan: Australian Squadron


In-game name: Commodore Sixty Four

Forum name: Commodore Sixty Four https://forum.game-labs.net/profile/29201-commodore-sixty-four/

Language: English


Australian Squadron (AUSQN) is a Naval Action clan established in May 2019 primarily, though not exclusively, for Australian and New Zealand players.  It has one member and is focussed on recreation of realistic fleets, squadrons and tactics of the Royal Navy during the period from the beginning of the American War of Independence to the end of the Napoleonic Wars (1775-1815).

Historically, the Australian Squadron of the Royal Navy was assigned to the Australia Station in Sydney and tasked with the defence of the colonies of Australia and New Zealand from 1859 to 1911.

If you are interested in the Royal Navy of this period, speak English, and able to play Naval Action in the Australia and New Zealand time zones you are welcome to join.  Please PM Commodore Sixty Four to inquire.

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On 3/3/2021 at 10:01 AM, PikeStance said:

Too bad, steam is terrible platform. Forums are more convenient. 

Captain, you can also try discord mentioned above

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