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Captains of the Black Flag

 If ye see a Pyrate with the handle  [BLACK], That be us! 


Teasmspeak: in transition....                                                                                                                  



Read the Articles below, and If ye be Interested in Join us, Drop me or one of our Officers a PM when we are online!

Pagan Pete, Ferrus Pugnum, Honourable Bluetooth, Nick the Cursed & Pyrate Blackbeard, Pirate Ned Low, many more!


Note: Pagan Pete don't give orders his fellow Captains of the Black Flag. Cap'ns are free to do as they please as long as it in keepin' with the Articles of the [BLACK]




Article I:

No man shall attack another of the Captains of the Black Flag Clan, unless by mutual consent.


Article II:

A Capn who wishes to sell Maser Craft or Exceptional ships, upgrades, Officers, etc… Shall first offer it up to his Captains of the Black Flag mates, so the Clan will be strengthened.


Article III:

Ship crews are free to draw up their own articles, as long as they do not contradict the articles of the Captains of the Black Flag Clan.


Article IV:

Members of the Captains of the Black Flag shall come to the aid of fellow [BLACK] captains in battle. Exception; Cap'ns need not aide, when carrying extremely precious cargo such as gold or crafting notes, which may be lost as a result.


Article V:

No member of the Captains of the Black Flag shall issue a challenge to another nation or clan, without first bringing it to a vote before the clan council. If ye wont a private duel with someone not of the BLACK, please inform yer fellow Captains, so we don't come to your rescue and ruin it.


Article VI:

Members of theCaptains of the Black Flag may sail with friends of other nations or clans, but may NOT violate Articles One, Four, Five, etc… This is inviolate. Members must abide by the articles even if this means turning on the aforementioned friend. The Captains of the Black Flag must come first. Friends may come to the main deck channel, but the other decks be reserves for Captains of the Black Flag.


Article VII:

Members shall NEVER share information regarding; Secret words, Clan activities or Member activities to outsiders.


Article VIII:

Don't be a pratt in chat. That is to say, don't make it personal & keep the cursin' to a minimum.


Article IX:

Captains of the Black Flag shant attack other pyrates, unless they be known pyrate killers on the inter-clan black list.



Captains of the Black Flag is one of the oldest pyrate clans and hosts a wealth of knowledge in many areas, including seamanship, crafting,boarding, trading, etc. BLACK has gained a reputation among other nations as a ferocious and relentless group. The Captains don't recruit as readily as some other clans do because we believe in training our new members and getting to know them well, so that new blood feels fully part of the pyrate family. Captains of the Black Flag gets along very well with other pyrate clans, BLACK operates on the principles of FREEDOM and EQUALITY for all its members, and set the standard for having clan accords that work in the game whist keeping true to the spirit of piracy. Captains of the Black Flag encourages, but does not require, role play. Do not join BLACK if you are not a true pyrate. See your doctor for boarding actions lasting more than four hours.

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Captains of the Black Flag  If ye see a Pyrate with the handle  [BLACK], That be us!    Teasmspeak: in transition....                                                                   

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