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Just RELAX and enjoy dead rvr russians, your choice ❤️ (only meaning the ones who changed after release)

Now lets go zerg every pz

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16 minutes ago, Mouth of Sauron said:

And tbh no clan could match us in a fight”

Gives up rest of territory without a fight.  


you didn't read the text did you? Russia is such a big nation, it would be a shame if they wouldnt have the best pb fleet. I said clan vs clan battles chrissy :) REDS vs KRAKE f.e. But you can only win with all the top players in the pb, and thats where we start losing. That's why we "give up" our territory without a fight, the triple a fleet of russia comes aka best fleet on the server and boom. Nothing changes. But VSC vs. KRAKE would have been amazing once :D well you hide behind russia and blame us for the same XD


ah btw where did VCO go after they lost against WO? Russia I suppose

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