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1 hour ago, Lukas97Austria said:

Havoc when they joined Sweden. 


"we will end the slavery of the Russian empire and free the server from them" 


Also Sweden. Attacks GB ports 

Who attacked first? :thinking:

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9 minutes ago, Koveras said:

Wasn't there something about a host mission being interrupted?

As far as I know the sweds did hunt gb players in ow. Well nothing wrong I guess due pvp server. But I think they did go to far and really farmed gb extra for easy cm etc. Prove well hard. But why should an allied partner switch sides if they knew Sweden had a. More players that are interest in rvr. And b more experienced players than the other nation.   Just a blind man wouldn't see it. I mean both nations have an rvr team   but if you look into the reverses screners it will be hard to find something. We will see how far this war will go. 

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