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8 hours ago, Otto Kohl said:

1 - *unless you trade parisian furniture

God wills you carry guns, who are you to defy his law?! (besides and idiot that hates having a ship)

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On 9/26/2018 at 5:00 PM, admin said:

Part of the real batavian republic flag. (courtesy of the National maritime museum).


260px-Flags_of_the_navy_of_the_Batavian_Republic.jpgthe white flag was called a Geus, and was on the bowsprit

and yes very unique and cool

because of  rebellion on board of the ships for what kind of flag they would wear

Decision for a new national flag, taken on 14 February 1796 by the States-General of the United Netherlands. This decision stipulated that the national flag had red-white-blue horizontal lanes. For only the Batavian navy there was an addition, a so-called Jack of Jeck: A rectangular white surface, in which a Dutch virgin with shield, spear and freedom hat, next to a half-lying Dutch lion. It was also determined how the new pennant and the geus should look like.


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