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Is the clan still up/active?

IKEA do still exist, but is not at all serious.

It's usually only me online and I do mostly whatever I want :)


If you seek after a coordinating clan I would suggest other clans than IKEA :)

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There once was a noble, a mighty Swede guild

But flimsily constructed, from cheap fir log built

So, oddly befitting, IKEA was its name

It has long been forgotten, moved on has the game :(


But it still has a leader, well known Tomms123

A ferocious warrior with the strength of a tree

He keeps fighting the good fight in the name of IKEA

When he's not in Gustavia gulping down cheap Danish beer

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1 hour ago, sneazzy95 said:

Can someone explain to me what this IKEA clan is ?

The IKEA clan were in the pre days of steam Naval Action one of very few clans that were in Sweden.

We fought like heroes against mainly the clan RUS which we today and then celebrate for very fine battles!

I shall not forget to mention Havelock and Ygritte that were there in the very early days, not in IKEA but we all were part of Sweden. Then also Sveno that became the leader of HRE after Naval Action were put out on Steam :) 


Today it's not much, I don't think I even stand as the owner anymore as I joined The Oceanic Privaters [OCEAN] and then I have been flimsing around on my own accord now and then.

14 minutes ago, Yachteru said:

I cant pay anything but if it is inactive, and no one is online to run it then I want it?

I will go online and check if I still stands as the owner and see if I can do anything about it then :)

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