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We're a clan which has existed since early Alpha. At the moment we're just a few swedish players, whom have been exploring all the fun in this game. But with the Early Access coming we're hoping to expand. We're all very comfortable with the english language and don't mind players from other nationalities joining our ranks.Ofcourse english will be the primary language when that occurs.
Our primary objective is to have fun together.
Being able to participate in everything this game has to offer is hard when you're alone. Portbattles, Group PVP and shipcrafting is alot easier in a clan. We're fully aware that people have other stuff to do and won't participate in everything the clan does. Portbattles might not be the thing you love most about the game, but a clan need traders aswell. A crafter won't craft many ships without resources.
We have been working together with HRE (another clan playing for Sweden) when it comes to Port Battles, shipcrafting and other things related to this game. To achieve great things, people must work together. We feel we've been successful in that area, since Sweden has been competative throughout the whole alpha, allthough having a smaller playerbase than other nationalities close by.
But why would you play for Sweden?
A small nation with few players and starting with even fewer ports.
Because going the easy way is not for everyone. Reality shows that we will not compete with Brittain for world dominance. But history is filled with stories like David and Goliath. We all know that the hard won fight feels much better than the easy fight. We all know that those who face the hardest resistance, who fight for a just cause, are the ones who will be remembered.
For a direct contact send a message here on the forum or ingame to Tomms123 or ingame to Gustavus Adolphus Magnus.
You can also just leave a comment direct here in the thread for questions.
Our only requirement is that you play for Sweden and want to have fun.
It doesn't matter how good you are. But being nice to other players is expected.


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IKEAs command structure is gonna be determined after EA hits. How long that will take and who shall be part of the board is not yet determined but that will be adress after EA.

A way of communication for the members will be solved and at the 21st it will be decided how it shall be.

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Hey guys totally want to join! I'm american but I don't like playing over populated factions and i have a friend from Sweden so i figured i'd join up with you guys.


Contact me, Gustavus Adolphus Magnus or Trackterror and I or they will invite you to the clan :)


This sounds cool. As a newbie and a Swede it would be nice to sign up for a clan!


Contact me, Gustavus Adolphus Magnus or Trackterror and I or they will invite you to the clan :)

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I wish to join :) Just started the game so im abit lost :/ 

PS jag är svensk :)



I'll gladely join myself too, flying Swedish colours and living in Sweden


Contact Tomms123, Gustavus Adolphus Magnus, Trackterror or Olaf Mariinsky ingame for a invite :)


Remember you dont have to be from Sweden or understand Swedish at all to join IKEA. IKEA is a international clan which have the primary language of English :)

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How many members atm? And do you form groups and do missions hunt unwanted players?

IKEA consist currentley of 37 members.

It might happen that we hunt unwanted enemy players then and then but right now we're focues to gain rank and get access to better ships.

Some players group up to do missions together so that happen also, but its not something which the "leaders" have ordered.

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