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I think it's as follows:

0-200 Novice

200-500 Juniour Lieutenant

500-700 Lieutenant

700- unknown yet, I guess only Admin knows, there is the only one above 1k post except Admin, he got his personal one :)

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forum ranks are temporary as we currently share the same forum with Ultimate General Gettysburg - thats why we dont have naval titles

in the future there will be naval ranks, badges, titles and special honors

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How is rank achieved in the forums?

Don't worry about rank it's all cosmetic, some just like to "post count" to get a rank up.

Some show quality rather than quantity 

Some could'nt care less about it


Some like me have been there, head admin / moderator got all the fancy badges whistles and flutes, that just shows how committed you are to posting and shown an interest and you get a little shiny badge next to your name, it really means nothing to me now.

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