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Camera Movement in Naval Action – Open World AND Instances:

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Think of what is possible ... if you support allowing some players the option of viewing the game from the deck of the ship to use a less limited view please reply with your support.


Sailing in the open world can be amazingly beautiful.  Recently the camera movement has been severely limited.  It’s not clear if this by design or the key binding has been changed or if the camera movement function will be restored in the future.  Movement now is limited and jerky.  The result is when moving about the deck the camera seems to be bouncing around. Previously the movement was very fluid. 
The limited camera movement has made it impossible to position oneself on the deck and imaging sailing from any position other than up on the mast.  Now the camera seems to stuck up on the mast and there is no way to move about the ship.  Sailing slowly in open world is now more tedious.
It is no longer possible to look up and check the wind direction from the pennants.
Video of current limited camera views:


  • Will this ever be repaired?   Or is this intended to remain this way?
  • Is this a change to prevent people from moving their view away from the ship to gain an unrealistic advantage?   A test for an imposed awareness disadvantage?
  • Would it be possible to allow camera movement close to the deck of the ship but not allow movement away from the ship?

I hope so.  It was very satisfying when traveling slowly in open world, using a first person view from the deck, because it seemed realistic.   Looking forward to sailing again … one day soon.



Previous Naval Action with free camera movement:


Note: This post is intended to be constructive and is no way intended to be dramatic, confrontational or disrespectful.  


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Free camera is still in the game. I'm not understanding what changed.


Thanks for the input.  I can't use the Free Camera anymore since the update.  I asked for assistance in the technical help thread.  Yours is the first response.


Also a couple updates ago the default view seemed get stuck up onto the mast.  But the Lynx is not default anymore and I haven't had a chance to obtain one.  Perhaps this view is just on some ships.

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I'm so glad someone is bringing this up. The view from the deck is hugely more immersive than all those helicopter views I see on the YouTube movies all the time. I really don't understand why deck view isn't just the default. You get a much better sense of scale and perspective, and the ships are made with such care for detail. But with those ultrafast drone camera's flying circles around the ship, even the Victory looks like a toy boat. And sure, you get a little less strategic overview when looking from deck, but isn't that just realism?


I have the feeling that this game has enormous potential to re-enact the age-of-sail feeling, but that it is being wasted by making it just another top-view RTS game. Please devs, think about ways to implement deck view or, even better, walking over the decks. And I'm not talking about creating avatars, just camera positioning and movement.

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Please devs, think about ways to implement deck view or, even better, walking over the decks. And I'm not talking about creating avatars, just camera positioning and movement.


Much like the style of the Silent Huner series, particularly as seen in the fifth installment, which allows one to literally walk to controlling stations rather then click to them.


Some folks will want to play this for the RTS style simply to see the ship, so I'd venture to say that offering "camera modes" that can be toggled would be nice. Sometimes you just want to look at the beautiful ship in all its splendor, sometimes you want to feel truly "in command."

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For what it's worth I would love to see a 3rd person viewpoint on OW, I know it's not immersive but it would be easier for a lot of players. Or at least me lol.

In OW:

If you use your mouse wheel to scroll out you can position the camera away from your ship = third person.

Scrolling all the way in positions you up the mast a little .

To get on deck (first person) double tap "Home". Then use z,x,a,e,w,s.

It is currently not possible to position the camera on the deck and control the ship simultaniously. But hopefully that's coming

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