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Christiansborg Danish Frigate 1757 (With Plans)

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Plans (from the Danish National Archives/ Orlogsbasen)






Head and Stern






Inboard Profile



Cross section




Length                                                                128' (danish)

Breadth                                                                 33' 10''

Depth in Hold                                                        13'


Draught Foreward                                               13' 3''

Draught Aft                                                          14' 6''


Height of middle gunport above the water           5' 9''


L/B ratio                                                               3,79




24* danish 12-pounders



Designed by M. Krabbe, launched 1758, broken up 1786.


Krabbe submitted this plan after returning from the obligatory european study trip (1752 - 1756, visiting british, french, italian and dutch shipyards) and a certain french influence is clearly visible.

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Could i just suggest maybe putting them all in one topic like steel has done with the dutch plans? it makes it easier to keep track of everything and doesnt clutter up the forums(just a suggestion)


Other than that, cool of you to find all these plans, the more the marrier :D

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