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Christiania Danish Ship-Sloop 1774 (With Plans)

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Plans (from the Danish National Archives/Orlogsbasen):



Sheer and Body Plan



Head and Stern



Cross Section



Sailplan (1772/1780)




Length:                                                            115'  (danish)

Breadth                                                             31'

Depth in Hold                                                    15' 3''


Draught Foreward                                             12' 6''

Draught Aft                                                        13' 6'


Height of middle gunport above the water          5' 3''


L/B ratio                                                             3.71




20* Danish 8-pounders

10* Danish 1-pounder falconettes



Designed by M. Krabbe and launched 1774 at Fridericksvaern (Norway).

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