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Dutch Ship Collection (With Plans)

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I was digging this ship a bit and shame upon my head - she was in the latest player voted ship poll.


"Wait wut? There was no Chattam""


Nope but the Admiral de Ruyter is from the same plans.

Same ship.

The description for her was uncomplete. Yes she was a 90 gun ship. But she started her career as an 80 gunner.

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Model of the SoL "Washington"


but no data about guns.



data about the SoL "Chattam", 80 guns 3rd rate:


she was refitted in 1801 and reclassified as a 90 gun 2nd rate


80-gun, Chattam, 1799, SOL


edit: I took these ships from steel's list!

Regarding the Washington:




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I'm curious why De Zeven Provincien either isn't included or was removed from the list - it does have its own thread with some very good plans, pictures, and models (http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/4775-de-zeven-provinci%C3%ABn-dutch-warship-1665-with-plans/) and its mentioned in the overall list (http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/4389-list-of-ships-and-plans-presented-so-far/) but isn't merged here.





There's some mention of it being too old, but from the ship selection poll:


Edit - H. Darby (Information based on the previous Ship Suggestion thread for 2015):
Ships from the years: 1600-1830 hard limit, 1690-1790 preferred

Please, when suggesting a ship, ask yourself - is this something that will be useful in the game, and that people will enjoy sailing and also, if it's a warship, fighting in/against?


De Zeven Provincien isn't too old by the hard limit and was still in service by the 'preferred' window. It's definitely a worthwhile ship on its own merits - visually distinctive, historically significant, plenty of firepower in its full Third Anglo-Dutch War armament balanced by never being built to withstand 18th-century things like 24-pounders on the second gun deck or true three-deckers with 100+ cannons. Not to mention that the in-game Dutch nation still has no ship, the VOC's Amsterdam was replaced with an EIC Indiaman of Swedish design, and there's no shortage of Napoleonic ships. 

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Yep - in the final poll thread - http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/8340-player-ship-selection-1st-half-2016-final-poll/





De Zeven Provincien might have still been in service for the acceptable range, but its a 1665 build. A shame to deny it.

The difficulty lies in the precedent you set when you become lenient with the time frame.


A good example would be the Sovereign of the Seas (Sovereign, Royal Sovereign) which was launched in 1637 and burned in 1697.

Since she is in the preferred time, do you accept her? Albeit she was build before line tactics were even used.

I don't doubt for a second that she could stand her ground in a battle in 1780, yet many of her time would not.

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Well i found a PDF with the scalemodel of the 1694 and the 1782 so that should mean that there are build plans some were.



page 18


https://shop.strato.com/epages/64899739.sf/nl_NL/?ObjectPath=/Shops/64899739/Products/10.01.016(7 Provinciën 1782)


https://shop.strato.com/epages/64899739.sf/nl_NL/?ObjectPath=/Shops/64899739/Products/10.01.015(7 Provinciën 1694)

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The Wild card has not been chosen yet.

We plan to have another poll in autumn.


The reason I think a Dutch ship wasn't picked last time was because the votes were split due to people wanting differing qualities in the selected ship.  While I wanted a ship that could stand up to end-game ships, others wanted a beautiful ship, while others wanted a ship with a proud history.  Since I do not want our vote to be split again, which ship do you think has all/most of these qualities?

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The 7 provincien?? It has a proud history. If need be can defend it self with a broadside which surpasses the bellona's and pavels maybe even buc with ease and is looking beautifull at the same tome

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I have to say there are some really nice ships on here now, the ships that stand out to me so far as my favourites have to be Haai (1801), Castor (1758), Jason (1772),  Prinses Frederika Louise Wilhelmina (1789), De Maas, (1728), Delft (1782), 82-gun unknown (1800) and Admiraal de Ruyter (1808)

If I had to pick from those I would say my top 3 are Jason, Admiraal de Ruyter and Delft. Its a shame there are no water lines for De Maas, she is a really nice ship above the water, she would compliment the lack of earlier designs in the game too.

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To add to the list:


0-gun, Kofship (merchant ship type, not name), roughly 1750-1770



In 1818 a series of ships was build, consisting of the Lynx, Dolfijn, Zeepaard and Galathe. A few years later (1825) an improved version would be build, in which the forecastle bulwark would be heightened.

All ships share the same lines, here below are their plans and decorations.


28-gun, Lynx & Dolfijn, 1818






28-gun, Zeepaard, 1818




28-gun, Galathe, 1818




28-gun, Triton, 1825 (not game relevant, just interesting)



Similar hull lines as the 1808 Lynx & Venus, but different internals, the 1820's proserpina:






Other ships:


70-gun, Admiraal Tromp, 1808




24-gun, Hellevoetssluis, 1707


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