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'Diana' 20-gun, Danish 6-Rate (With Plans)

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Diana, 20-gun, Danish sixth-rate
Construction  Nyholm Dockyard
Launched      15.7.1818

Broken up      28.11.1822
Type              Corvette
Armament      MD 20x18-pounders




Any additional information is much appreciated!

*Current information is from threedecks*

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we need corvettes! Especially French Ones! Dunno if Navy brigs (...) count as corvettes do they??

Strictly speaking, following the french terminology, a brig is a brig (2 masts) and a corvette is a corvette (3 masts).

British terminology may be more elastic (Brig, Brig-sloop, sloop, sloop-of-war, corvette...) depending on the period, ship size... ? Can't say exactly.

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The term wasn´t really used outside of France until the start of the 19th century and it could describe all kinds of 'small' war ships.

I´ve seen a danish plan (dated 1824) for a 'corvette' with 28* 18-pounders and 10 24-pounder carronades. Quite a corvette :P

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