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I already mentioned this in the thread for feedback of the current progression. Change the BR of the Renommee to 100. Quoted from the topic:


First of all I like this kind of progression more then just a standard xp grind. The only problem with the current system is the kills needed for the Renommee. Why is this a problem?


The Renommee has a battle rating of 120 and can only kill Cerberus' and above while the Surprise has a battle rating of 100 and can kill Snow/Navy Brig and above.

The Surprise has more guns and can carry 12pd meds 'n longs/24pd carronades while the Renommee has less guns and can only carry 9pd meds 'n longs/18pd carronades.


Not only that. I can kill 2 Cerberus' in a Surprise while I can't do that in a Renommee.


So my suggestion would be to lower the BR of a Renommee to 100. Would be fair no?



Now I know this might not be the final progression system but it really felt like this needed some attention. :)

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Surprise is Overgunned with its 12lb armament  were it should be the same as La Renomme.

thats were you get the false impression that there is an BR error.


will be adjusted in near future

Even with historical armament, Surprise is larger, has more guns and has a heavier broadside weight of metal.

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