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Dear players from France.

Hope you and your relatives and friends are all safe and ok.


Condolences for your fellow citizens.

The community is with you.



PS. The world is changing. Recent events in Paris, Russian plane and other recent terrorist acts show that we all have to stay vigilant at all times.  

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Our thoughts are with you. Sadly we here in Spain know how you can feel right now because we suffered the same some years ago with the 11M train bombs.

You have 100% our support, and they will not change the way we live and the values we share.

Our sincere condolences to all the french people, Spain is with you.

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From your friends in the United States, our best wishes to the French people.

Just chiming in to support what my fellow Yank above me said. My sympathies go out to the French. While we're unlikely to be so fortunate, let's pray that such an attack doesn't happen again.  

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My sympathies goes not only to the french, but all who were involved in terrorist attacks yesterday, the future and the past, it is sad to see us humans act in such inhumane ways.

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The people of Canada send our condolences to the citizens of France, This among many other recent Terrorist attacks shall be marked very sad days in history no matter what the cause is of the attacks as many innocent people have lost their lives. :(

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From the state of Louisiana, where the ties to our French ancestors runs deep:

In our infancy, you came to our aid to secure our freedom. When your freedom was taken, we stormed beaches to return the favor. When extremism reached our shores in a horrific manner, you proclaimed "Today, we are all American."

Yesterday and today we are all French. But in truth we always have been; in spirit and in conscience. We will stand by our brothers and sisters of Liberty.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité. Vive la France!



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