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Post Battle Manuevering Practice

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How about after a battle (if a victory), allowing the ship to still be active in the arena.  As it is, I don't have any control of the ship and it just sits there until I hit the "leave battle" button.  What if, we could wind down any remaining time on the battle clock by just practice sailing our vessels, maneuvering with friends, etc.  A lot of my battles are finished with something like 20-30 mins left on the clock.  I would love to practice manual sails with it.


Just a suggestion

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.... unless the issue is me, and I'm getting significant lag, which isn't letting me remove the auto skipper, and I'm just being impatient.  What are others finding with the Auto Skipper after battle?


This is with just one enemy however... and he is captured.

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okay, just tried it.  Although I could move around after the battle was over, I could not go into manual skipper.  It stayed in Auto skipper.  So it would be nice to use remaining time in manual skipper for the practice.


Ive captured ships in many battles and can still use manual sails post battle.

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