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I think Boris meant a player driven ingame politics linked to societies' alliances. Imagine, Alliance A and Alliance B wants to crush each other, there is Alliance C which is neutral and both of A and B wants to have C on their side, so, here we go. I think that is game politic based on ingame propaganda etc. But regarding system I'm not sure what Boris meant - in my point of view there shouldn't be any kind of special ingame "system", it will be settled on the alliance own forums 

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Boris like to brainstorm ideas and then let the better minds figure it out. :P(i can get away with this jab cuz Boris is a personal friend of mine)


Most facets of diplomacy can be both player dependent and game mechanics.


Port Governorship/Control

If some ports are controlled by players than it ultimately will be up to the players to negotiate with other societies for control of the port they want. Otherwise the societies will spend to much energy and resources infighting. The game can have mechanics though, for ownership. Possible mechanics: Voting system, Bidding system, Largest society based in the port.



Again this would be primarily player based and could be done without any help from the game but I would prefer some tools to aid us in these relationships. I'd like to be able to rate another society as being part of out alliance or somewhere along the line to being an aggressive competitor. I'd like to see that being rated high on a societies list would give you perks with that society.


National Wars

These could either be controlled by the game at its discretion or like Potbs, all the time or it could be player controlled. If players choose to attack French shipping or some other offensive act then a war is proclaimed and you can then pvp legally against players of that nation. Players could then work out the diplomacy with that nation when it becomes to costly for one or the other.


These are just some ideas.

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Yeah yeah. I would like to see in a game really good politics. I am a fan of helping others societies. Also I would like to start off by trying to get a better system in a game. hint hint. But really some in reports or even a menu on soc relations and players to help or hurt your society.

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I think the reason people are not replying to this topic, is because at such an early stage in the games development, we have very little to go on. We just don't have the information to give a good reply. Corruption in politics could be an interesting feature for pirates, and it could be feasible to elect town governors. This thread is a good place to voice some of the political related content you would like to see in the game, but actually discussing them in detail becomes very difficult. Perhaps later when the game is closer to supporting national and player owned ports, this thread will become more popular.

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Of course, I'm going to point out that in the majority of cases port governors were appointed by regional governors/viceroys, etc. and not elected. This varied of course on a national basis; e.g. mayors were elected in England and the Netherlands, but appointed in royal France, Spain, and much of the rest of Europe.


Not that this necessarily makes for great gameplay :P Modeling it realistically probably would entail having NPCs in such offices, with which individuals and guilds might be able to curry favour -- either from doing tasks for them or outright bribery. And while many players dream of "running a town" in-game, but there may be scores of lesser offices that could be filled by players with appropriate influence.

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My expirience when it comes to politics is that they can sure add alot of flavor ( and drama ) to the game. In Potbs, the french side on Roberts had what we called a council where the leaders of the diffirent societys took part in meetings to decide what harbors we should attack but also to decide what harbor that belonged to what society.  


The last topic could create alot of drama and sometimes the discussions could last for what seems like ages. We even had an election to decide who would become the Viceroy of france ( he basically become the leader of the french nation, with the assistance of the societys )


This also made it possible to have some diplomacy with the other nations / domestic societys to try to work out treatys ( for example, anti-nightflipping patrols etc ).


So i wouldnt mind having something simular ingame, but i think that's up to the players to decide.  The only tools we needed was TS/Vent and a forum to post on really.

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Hi everyone,

Currently I don't have this luck to be able to play the game myself .

But I watch all the videos from a YouTuber Deathsimulator. In his videos he gave a good description of the gameplay and openworld.


NA is currently in Alpha Test and developer ask players to gave some ideas to improve the game, so I will tell some of mine


I would like to know if their is planned to be a « political » system in NA ?

Will be a « minister » in the game who lead a nation, he could be elected by player from the nation for some time ( example : 2 weeks)


my ideas :

A minister is elected for a some times (2 Weeks but more or less, let's debate) by the nation player's

the minister could have 3 ou 4 advisors ( économy , Marine, trade, diplomatie ..)

They will be able to lead or influence the big lines of the nation.


For diplomatie : They could sign non agression pact and/or form alliance with other nations. The first one enable to players to attack ship from other faction, the second able the players to fight in the same team ( a spanish+ a british vs 2 french …) if spain and great britain are in alliance.

Each traity is limited in time to avoid abuse, they could made a 1 week pact but their are enable to do some more for 3 weeks for example.

They have to pay for sign the pact that a way to destroy money from the game. States earn money by taxes on the market ( like 5% on each transaction)


for Marine/ défense : The minister with advisor can upgrade the costal or harbor defense, this will appear in port battle, providing an help for the team which defend the harbor. If the harbor is taken , the defense can be reset or downgrad (let's debate).

They could upgrade the fleet in front of the harbor..


For trading : They can inform about low stock of any product, buy some to other nations, upgrade market... (more ideas if you have)


finally for economy : They can upgrades shipyards and factories to have a better production of stuff on a island .. ( more ideas welcome)


If you have some ideas, critics

I hope I will be able to sail soon




Bonjour a tous,

je n'ai pour le moment pas la chance de pouvoir tester le jeu de mes propres mains.

J'ai cependant regarder entièrement la série de Deathsimulator sur YouTube, il donne une bonne vision du jeu et de l'open world.


Comme NA est actuellement en alpha est que les développeur demande des idées de leurs testeurs, j'ai donc décider de faire se poste pour soumettre les miennes.


Je voudrais savoir si il est prévu un système « politique » dans NA ?

Es ce qu'il y auras un « ministre » qui dirigerai une nation, celui pourrait être élu pendant une certaine période par les joueurs.


Mon idée est la suivante : un Ministre est désigné pendant une certaine durée (2 semaines a mon avis) par les joueurs de la nation. Celui ci s'entoure de 3 ou 4 conseillers. ( économie, Marine, commerce, diplomatie... ).

A eux il influenceraient les grandes lignes de la nation.


Pour la diplomatie : Ils pourrait signer des pacte de non agressions ou d’alliance avec d'autre nation ce qui pourrait interdire d'attaquer des bateaux de la nation concerner, et de pouvoir aider un bateau de la nation avec qui on a traiter le pacte respectivement. Chaque pacte aurait une durée limiter et non renouvelable pendant un certains temps, (1 semaine de pacte et 3 semaine sans par exemple)

ils serait payant, ça serai un moyen de détruire l'argent dans le jeu. Les états gagne de l'argent sur des taxes qu'ils récupère aux marché par exemple ( ex : 5% sur toute transactions )


pour la Marine/défense : Le ministre et les conseillers serait capable d'améliorer la défense d'un port en ajoutant des défense côtière et/ou portuaire qui aiderai dans une bataille de port. Si le port est capturer, le niveau de défense de la ville diminue/remit a zéro (a vous de débattre)

Ils peuvent améliorer la flotte de défense de la ville..


pour le Commerce : ils pourront informer les joueurs de pénurie/rationnement diminuer ou améliorer les marché … ( plus d'idée si vous en avez )


enfin pour l'économie : ils peuvent améliorer les arsenaux / chantiers navals améliorer la production sur l’île.. ( idée supplémentaires..)


Voila, si vous avez des remarques, critiques et ou idées éventuels

A bientôt parmi vous en mer j’espère


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I personally would like to see the question of war, alliances, etc. handled at the meta level by the developers, since players represent captains in the Caribbean, not politicians in Europe.  There is, however, a substantial faction of players who want these questions to be handled by the players.  If the developers decide to go in that direction, tatannn's ideas would be a good way of doing it.

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Any sort of political system needs to incorporate players while still being under the control of the devs.  This is to facilitate massive wars actually happening.


Massive wars have two big advantages: (1) they are fun for the players when done right, (2) they help to control the in game inflation (see: 



If a faction ability to declare war on is completely up to the players there's no guarantee that wars will be declared.  No wars or few wars may still be fun for the players but the in game currency may suffer from run away inflation.  Eve online is an excellent example of how devs could still encourage factions to go to war without being directly involved.


If a factions ability to declare war is completely dependent to the devs there is a guarantee that wars will happen; however, players may be unmotivated to fight said wars.  A trading company or guilds regular activities could be disrupted by the war which could make the guild unmotivated to get involved in the war.


Perhaps it's not a bad idea to do a combination of the two.  Leave faction decisions up to the devs but have them consult major guilds.  This way players feel like they have impute and the devs can guarantee there will be wars.  The idea of the crown consulting (though not always listening to merchants seems pretty reasonable)


Even with some agency, some guilds may decide they don't want to participate in the war.  There are two things the devs can do about this: (1) reward the players that fight, and/or (2) tax the guilds that don't fight.  Doing both is probable for the best.  Taxing the guilds help deal with inflation.  You could even do something cool where the devs only are allowed so much money worth in ships of npcs to send off to war and the tax helps to pay for more npcs.  The devs should be careful not to make this tax crippling or two extreme, perhaps 10% or less of the guilds income.


Too keep this brief I have one last idea.   I don't want the guilds who didn't want to fight to feel punished because too much punishment could alienate them from the game.  It would be cool a taxed guild had several options.  Should a guild refuse to pay tax they could defect to the other side, become pirates, or openly rebel against the mainland.  


Guilds that chose to openly rebel become a new player controlled faction that starts at war with the mainland.  They should be able to control ports.  Should they lose they should get re-incorporated into the main faction and heavily fined.  Should they win, we get an independent player controlled faction... at least until the original faction decides it wants to declare war on them and bring them back into the fold.

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