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A decreased starter morale percentage

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I am all for morale in the game.  I think it plays a tremendous role in the tiny closed communities of a ship at sea.  However, I don't think it should start at 100%.  Guns should not be loaded at their fastest rates, ships should not respond their quickest, boarding parties should take a little longer to prepare with a lesser morale, etc. (and I'm not talking about the training aspect, but just how morale affects even the most highest trained crews).


What I think (this is just me throwing a number out there) is a morale starting at around 75% (or so) for a new, starter ship, would be better.  The thinking is... A new Captain, Crew, and Ship are always a little hesitant of one another, and "understandings" need to be worked out, so there is always room for morale growth as everyone acclimates with each other.


I also think that each time a module is added to the ship, there should be a morale boost with it, no matter how small (I know there is already morale modifiers in place on some mods), due to the crew showing their appreciation of the new improved version of the ship over the old one.


Each time the Captain earns a promotion, there should be a morale modifier involved as the Admiralty has approved the Captains behavior and granted him (her) a promotion, and also a result of the crews performance.


Some modifiers can be temporary, (as in the case of a Captains promotion) as the crew gets used to the idea of the Captains new rank.


As far as how much to start with, how long temporary modifiers last, how much adjustments need to be made, I think is for a different discussion and to be worked out later.  All I am saying, is that morale should not start at its peak, but needs to be earned and worked for especially with the starter Captains.

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I think it's a good idea from a realism point of view but new players really don't need more disadvantages vs the more experienced players.


Hopefully morale is something can be looked at when the officer system gets implemented, maybe giving a morale bonus as they rank up.

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We don't like morale system in battles for one gameplay reason

It takes control away from the player when he still does want to fight. Tuning proper threshold will be 10x harder than tuning repairs or boarding for example. Because if you disagree with the morale system decision to surrender your ship you will be unhappy. 

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I really wasn't considering the surrender aspect of gameplay, just increasing cannon reload times, increased response to increasing/decreasing sails, increased enthusiasm for boarding... that sort of thing, as morale increases or decreases.


It is always more difficult as a new player when first starting out, I guess thats why there is the AI to test your sea legs on and improve your "morale", and combat experiences, especially on the smaller ships.

It is after all just a thought, I will always support what the devs feel is best for the game.

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