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Nick Thomadis

Tactics Guide

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Well done!  

Now the raw recruits have fighting chance to play out the battle rather than quit after the first 5 mins.

This should encourage rookies to progress in game/battle and swell the games ranks with new generals that have been given a wee boost/leg-up.

Nothing worse than to witness a real massacre of potentially new grunts/generals that need to be cut some slack so game can fill the ranks we need to nurture not discourage.  

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In the conquer the map battle playing as the confederates, I could not lure my opponent to attack me. I sent 4 brigades and captured Gettysburg. Sent 2 brigades to capture wolfs hill. And kept two brigades on benners knoll with two batteries of arty. The Union defensive on culp's and cemetery is very hard to dislodge. I followed the guide but it usually only is useful when the union is attacking. If you cannot lure the union to attack then you must attack up a wooded hill well defended with efficient artillery. Any tips when attacking as confederates.   

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