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Discussion - Player ship selection 1st Half 2016


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Well, if you read through the player ship selection thread, you'll see I've made some suggestions, plans from several nations (Russia, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark...), digging deep and hard in NA forum.

I've already spent "some" time on that. I'll surely go on. But time is missing...


And Admin ask for Portuguese ships. To me, it'd be interesting to see some and there's none of them atm.


Some (Portuguese or not) players and naval experts around may have plans of Portuguese ships in their minds (or on their hard drive).


It was just a call for contribution.

"Simple as that" ;).


PS : If only I had the plan, I would also suggest this greek early XIXth-century (?) fluty (french terms are "corvette de charge") with two pole masts (a common set-up in the Mediterranean Sea) and certainly modified for naval combat :


Source :  http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7348-sélection-de-navires-1er-semestre-2016/?p=139961


A beauty, isn't she ?  :)

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Here is what I've found about Portuguese ships on NA forums (not much) :


Frigate "D. Fernando II e Glória"


This ship has an awkward story, it was ordered in 1821 but because of financial reasons it was only built in 1843 in the Royal Portuguese Arsenal in Daman, Portuguese India.

Was in service from 1845 until 1940, year that she "half sunk" from an onboard fire.

In 1990 was restored from its old wreck and turned into a museum.

She didn't saw any battles unfortunatly, most of its orders where to transport troops to the colonies.



Gun deck - 28 guns (18 pounder, long gun)


Deck - 20 guns (32 pounder, carronade)


Forecastle - 2 guns (12 pounder, bow chasers)



Lenght 87 m

Beam 13 m

Draught 6.4  m

Displacement 1849 tons

Between 154 to 379 men (270 passengers)










More pics:







More info:




Nau "Rainha de Portugal"


Was built in 1791 in Navy's shipyard in Lisbon by Torcato José Clavina.

Saw militar service until ~1834, after that was served as hospital ship until ~1848.

She helped the royal british navy (Admiral Jonh Jervis and Admiral Horatio Nelson) against france in the napoleonic war aswell as transporting the royal Portuguese family to Brazil in 1808.




Lower Gun Deck, 30 cannons (36lbs)


Upper Gun Deck, 32 cannons (24lbs)


Quarted Deck, 18 cannons (12lbs)





Lenght 55.27 m

Beam 14.48 m

Depth of hold 10.36 m

Displacement 3000 tons

~669 men (couldn't find the exact number of sailors and soldiers )








Your thoughts?  :)


Just a few examples.
Not quite sure about what time period i should be aiming, so i went late 17th early 19th century.

Príncipe Real (1771-1822):

Tonnage: 3500 tons.
Lenght: 66 meters.
Underwater height: 7 meters
Guns: 90
Crew: 950

- Was the most powerful warship ever built by Portugal.
- Originally built to carry 80 cannons it could carry 110.
- In the beginning of her career assures the safety of the straits of Gibraltar.
- Sent to the Mediterranean integrated in the Portuguese fleet, in 1788, to help the British forces of Lord Nelson.
- Till 1800 remains in the Mediterranean under the command of the Admiral Marquis de Nisa.
- 1807 is sent to Brazil carrying the Portuguese King and court.
- In 1822 is integrated in the new Brazilian Navy.


[1] - http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-fNQJOMNOy94/UxoZQPqN2PI/AAAAAAAAhE0/9ikr_zupEAk/s1600/chegadaRioDJoaoVI.jpg

Princesa Carlota (1791-1812):

- Fifth Class Ship of the Line.
- 44 cannons
- crew: 320 minimum.
- Atlantic patrol, fought in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1801.


[1] - http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-oUENJATQSdU/Tjg6p-jTNoI/AAAAAAAAAIs/SrIUXSERu5w/s1600/Fragata+princesa+Carlota+44+pe%C3%A7as+de+Artilharia.jpg
Nª Srª da Vitória (1735 -1746):

- Ship with 74 cannons, launched in Lisbon in 19 of August 1935.
- 1736 - 1737 Was the lead ship of the Rio da Prata Squadron, in 1739 fought the pirate forces of Angirá in India.
- Was lost returning to the Kingdom in the Mascaregnes.

Nª Srª da Arrábida (1736-1744):

- Ship with 62 cannons, Launched in Lisbon in the 9th of July 1736.
- Took part in operations in Rio da Prata 1736-37.
- Was a ship used in the trade routes of India.
- Demolished the 23rd February 1744, deemed incapable.

Nª Srª da Conceição (1701- 1724):

- Ship with 80 cannons, built in Lisbon in 1701.
- Went to the rescue of Venice in 1716, and the Battle of Cape Matapan in 1717 as lead Ship.

Nª Srª da Assunção (1705-1731):

- Ship with 66 cannons.
- Went to the rescue of Gibraltar in 1705, to the rescue of Venice in 1716 and the battle of Cape Matapan in 1717.

Nª Srª da Glória (1692-1707):

- Ship with 60 cannons, built in Porto in 1692.
- Fought in Surrate in 1697, rescuing Mombaça in 1698, in an expedition to Mombaça in 1699 and again fought in Surrate in 1704.
- Dismantled in Goa (Portuguese India Territory) in 1707.

Will try to focus on more details about this ships.
Number of sails and surface, crew, gun disposition and so on.

More recent ships with pictures and quite detailed:

Dom Fernando II e Glória (1845 - 1878 )

- Was the last Sailship built by Portugal, constructed in Portuguese Damão, India.
- 50 cannons (28 in battery, 22 on deck) , lenght 86,75 meters, sails surface 2 052,2 square meters (m2) , crew 145 minimum.


[1] - http://cdn2.shipspotting.com/photos/middle/8/4/8/154848.jpg
[2] - http://www.rotasturisticas.pt/imagens/visitar/pt/large/photos1-6951-almada_fragata_dom_fernando_ii_e_gloria.jpg

Further sources:

Pdf. Book with all the ship references and details:

- Publication by the Centre of research and naval studies, Portuguese Navy

Wiki (not really a good source at the moment, just to check some names): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ships_of_the_Portuguese_Navy#Sail_battleships_.28ships_of_the_line.29

Battle of Cape Matapan (since its mencioned twice): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Matapan

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Portuguese Ship plans from the Royal museum of Greenwich :




(no date)

Date of the english Plan : ca. February 1811

182 ft 74-gun Third Rate two decker





Princesa Real



Captured during the Battle of Cape St Vincent (Portuguese Civil War) and renamed Duquesa de Braganza in 1833

50-gun Fourth Rate, large Frigate



Date of the english Plan : ca. August 1834



Source : http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=21568

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Spain has 71 ports in this game but only one ship, so I think we  can all agree that we deserve more Spanish ships.


The Real Armada Española (Spanish Royal Navy) had 237 ships of the line from 1687 to 1853.

-1 four decker: Santisima Trinidad 136 guns (already ingame)

-13 three deckers (from 100 to 120 guns)

-224 two deckers (from 50 to 99 guns)


Here is the list of 2 deckers: 86 guns (2), 80 guns (15), 74 guns (35), 60-70 guns (138), 50-59 guns (38)


You can find the complete list with all the ships of the line listed alphabetically  and  the number of guns they carried:




So, you can decide what type of ship is suitable to be added. You can cover almost all ranges


I would be glad if our 112 guns Santa Ana and 74 guns San Juan Nepomuceno were among those to be included.

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Spain has 71 ports in this game but only one ship, so I think we  can all agree that we deserve more Spanish ships.

The Spanish, the Dutch, the Danish, the Swedish, the Portuguese and others deserve more ships in NA.  :) 

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That "Duchess of Braganza" looks promising. Found more info about this ship: http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=21568. Launch date is 1819, so within specified range. Too bad i cant find any info about the armament or measurements. Could be a nice candidate.

Information updated. Thx.

One interesting piece of information at http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=21568 is that the former name of the "Duchess" is Princesa Real. This name should be further investigated.


Moreover, a British naval officer, Charles John Napier was the one who captured her during the  Battle of Cape St Vincent.



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a list of venitian ships


+1. Two plans of Italian ships from https://www.dropbox.com/s/r9boxabl5oihf37/List%20updated.xlsx?dl=0 :




The second one is described as a "Venetian Large Frigate".

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+1. Thanks to you, we also have the title of a book about Venetian ships (with plans) :

- Title : "Vascelli e fregate della Serenissima" Navi di linea della Marina Veneziana 1652-1797

- Author Guido Ercole

- Edition : "Gruppo modellistico trentino di studio e ricerca storica"

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Hello Captains. 

Ships from the previous voting's are almost finished, with the exception of the Indefatigable, and will be delivered for testing in the near future.

Please propose vessels for the first half of 2016. 


Proposals could include:

  • Wooden (old or new) models of the ship or ships of the same class (sister ships)
  • Drawings (old or new) of the ship or the ship of the similar class (sister ships) 
  • Tech drawings if any

Question to Admin / Moderators about Player ship Sel. 2016 :

- Does proposals have to include drawings and plans to have a chance to be brought to voting and then modeled ?

- Are proposals with only pictures of reconstructions and/or of wooden models sufficient for the devs to modeled NA ships ?

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Some beautiful Spanish plans.


Make your choice and add it to http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7306-player-ship-selection-1st-half-2016/  :) :














http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/80545.html  (have a look at that one, for example !!!)










For example : The San Josef (1797)



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