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Discussion - Player ship selection 1st Half 2016

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I bet my beans that 2 Dutch and a Danish ship will get picked

Which ones ?


What about a Dutch, a Danish and a Greek ?


Personally, I'd like a... Dutch, a Danish, a Greek, a Venetian, a Russian and...


That's too many, huh ? 

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We're not allowed to discuss or ask questions in the main posting and voting thread. Yours truly can have a hard time keeping his mouth shut, so I made this outlet Maybe you want to lobby certain

im against this for one simple reason, you say sure but we can bend the rules a little... then next time something else from 1835 or something is suggested theyl point to the greek ship and then that

For a more elaborate visualization of the dutch eastindiamen:  

Posted Images

I'm guessing that the DeRuyter,the Hollandia and the prins Frederick will get picked.

Well I want a Greek ship as well for obvious reasons but I doubt that people will vote for one :P

Venetian ships you say...i would like the fama to get chosen..I really like her lines and colour and certainly a polacre for its unusual hull shape but so beautiful at the same time!

And that old Dutch fluyt looks lovely!

Argh so many choices!

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I would love to see a 5th rate class Xebec 


I looked around for resources and someone pointed out http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=ships_searchas a good resource put in ship type Xebec and theirs a number of them.


Can anyone point me into the correct direction so I can help dig up some ship plans / specs so I can help add to the disscussion

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A Xebec is in development. See in the distance : nDy8avH.png

Search the forum. There are threads about Xebec :





Btw, the first round of Ship selection 2016 is closed for now.

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