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Player ship selection 1st Half 2016


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If it is a connie killer that you want then this is the perfect ship... HMS Vindictive a razee frigate armed with 50 32pdrs... she has the build strength and armor of a 74 with unprecedented firepower.   


6 forward firing 32pdr chase guns.


and able to fire 10 32pdrs as aft chase guns.


her elliptical stern would give her strong rear armor , coupled with her 10 rear firing guns raking this beast would be a bad idea.


built in 1813 she survived until 1871... and took part in a competition against american frigates... with interesting results...


  Feb 1844 at Callao, had a trial of sailing with the American frigates Constellation and United States. After a run of about 7 hours the Vindictive gained about 8 miles upon the United States and left the Constellation topsails down, astern..


need i say more?????





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The Devs have had poetic license on the launch dates before, and I do like the idea of modifying 2+ decker ship into Razee's as part of the game, providing double the variety of ships above 5th Rates by a simple mechanic. 


I am not suggesting that we all buy a Victory and Razee it, but perhaps include ships in the game which had been razee'd later in life, even if this date was after the inclusion date. The reasoning being that the ship already exists, it was just heavily modified during its lifetime.


If we include a selection of ships that had both the 2+ decker version and a Razee option in game that would be a clever mechanic, and the design would be already part complete for the razee version.


Another well known example


HMS Glatton,


Include both the East Indiaman Model and then also the Razee'd 56 gun 4th rate.



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In January 1764, the Admiralty began buying "Marblehead schooners or sloops" for service mostly along the New England coast. The name "Marblehead" is generally accepted today as indicative of vessels built only in Essex County, Massachusetts.



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Please no comment here, just proposals for ships (plans..).

There's a thread for discussion : http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7327-discussion-player-ship-selection-1st-half-2016/



addition from BungeeLemming:

He is right.

please DO keep the discussion where it belongs to.

ty in advance

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Christiansborg, Danish, 1758 - 1786, 24-gun corvette



Length of Gundeck   128' danish fod

Breadth                     33' 10'

Gundeck          24  Danish 12-Pounder


OP by Malachi here: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/6241-ship-rigged-sloops-and-5-6-rates-collection-with-plans/

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A contender from last years final poll. 


  • USS Independence (1814, American 54-gun razeed ship)

Launched in the Boston Navy Yard, USS Independence was a wooden-hulled, three-masted ship and the first to be commissioned by the United States Navy. Originally a 90-gun ship of the line, in 1836 she was cut down by one deck and re-rated as a 54-gun frigate. Independence proved to be one of the fastest and most powerful "frigates" of the Navy. Wiki



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And another contender from last years final Poll.


  • Christian VII (1767, Dano-Norwegian 90-gun ship)

Christian VII was one of the largest ships commissioned by the Dano-Norwegian Navy, and the last beautifully decorated King's Yacht. She was a prestigious symbol of the crown at sea and was to be used as flagship in theDano-Norwegian fleet. Converted to a 2-decker coastal defense ship, she fought at the Battle of Copenhagen which is often considered to be Nelson's hardest-fought battle. Norwegian Wiki



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Petr and Pavel 

("Peter and Paul")

Dutch, 1698

24-gun frigate


24-gun frigate rank "Peter and Paul" - was built in Holland at the Amsterdam shipyard of the East India Company under the direction of the ship's master class Harry Fields. Peter I participated in the construction of the frigate "Peter and Paul" from his bookmarks and almost to the end of the work.

Body wooden frigate, odnodechny (one lower deck), with closed bow and aft ends, and the middle part of the upper deck was open. The double bottom is extended to its full length from stem to stern frame. Bowsprit with a jib-boom carried by the Dutch system, with upward jib-boom and sail straight. Nasal vessel There is decorated with figures in the form of Aphrodite. Forkastele posed on the foremast and the ship's bell was placed (bell) and fore-hatch, and on the sides fastened kramboly to hold the anchors. At the waist, that is, between foremast and mainmast, placed the input ladder, skylights, which were located on a rowing boat and a 6-rowing yawl. On both sides of the waist were berthed grid, where the team was cleaning day beds, served during the melee protection from enemy bullets and buckshot. For the mainmast were located quarterdeck, which housed the entrance ramp and skylight. Mizzen-mast, was oblique and Latin sail straight kryuysel. Mizzen mast for the executed command bridge, which ended with a stern balcony.
Main propulsion sailing, three masts carrying 9 lines (foremast, fore-topsail, fore-bramsails, mainsail, main-topsail, main-bramsails, kryuysel, direct and straight jib boom-jib) and 3 sails oblique (fore-staysail, fore-topmast staysail and mizzen), total sail area - 490 m2. Frigate had one wheel of the bog oak.
Armament consisted of the frigate:
22 Single-6-pounder (96 mm) guns with a barrel length of 20 calibres, which were located at the board on the upper deck, as closed in the bow and stern, and the open in the middle of the frigate. Loading the manual through the barrel of the nuclei. Ammunition located in the cellars fed manually. Calculation tools included 4 people. Instrument of iron, smooth place on the wooden wheeled machine. The cannon's angle reached 10 °. The firing range is about 1.3 km. Weight gun was about 838.2 kg.
4 Single-3-pounders (76 mm) with a barrel length of 19 calibers. Two retiradnye aft on the lower deck under the commander's balcony and two Dogon in the bow of the frigate. Instrument of iron, smooth on the pin could rotate around its axis. Loading the manual nuclei. Mass gun was 368.3 kg.
24-gun frigate rank "Peter and Paul" is known that in its construction as a shipwright participated Peter I, received a certificate upon completion of construction of the ship's master.
Frigate was built on the Amsterdam shipyard in Holland.
Navy frigate commissioned in 1698






Drop box link:




Direct link:




3d Model example

found online




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