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Player ship selection 1st Half 2016


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she is not a merchant, she is a ship of war.

atleast, on her plans she is marked as such


she was also posted by wind on the previous page

 Well it was listed in the merchant thread. And now I see Winds post for it (he didn't put the name of it in the post). And I know French ships are not in this round but a lack of merchant ship how about something like:


Le Mercure, merchant ship (1730)



Maybe a better poll would be type or rate of ship first, then list ships of those types/rates we would like? Example would be:

1st Rate

2nd Rate

3rd Rate

4th Rate

40 to 50 guns

30 to 40 guns

20 to 30 guns

less then 20 guns

merchant ships

As the first poll then find ships for that type.


My opinion is we need 4ths and merchants more than any others at this point.

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Unknown swedish merchant by F. af Chapman ca. 1790




Danish East-Indiaman Prindsesse Lovise  (1731 - 1771, converted SoL)




Swedish East-Indiaman Adolph Friedrich (1763 - 1786, converted SoL)




Higher res versions available.


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I'm loving to see so many knowledge and i honnor you to have so nice knowledge guy.


The only ship i know and than miss me is the Hermione. It's a well known ship in france as it has just been build back on rochefort.

I think it's the most asked ships in french nation so far, atleast on edr ts :-).


Now to go back on the subject and sorry for the non historical ask, i would like to see ships that reinforce the fleet where it's the most need.

Atm there is gap between some ships.


For example, it's nice to see frigates or belle poule. THey are average good ans players can choose between them and get nice result.

In same way, you got the cuple renomme/surprise or mercury/snow


But between somes ships there is a world that need to be focus to reinforce the fleet.

The small frigates part is nice, the Renomme-surp-belle poule-frig is perfect

Maybe should we need something between Mercury and Renomee as a renomme will often win against a mercury.


And we really need reinforcement in top frigates.

Between frig and trinco it's not so important as they are carring same weapons and ok the trinco is better but the frig is not shamish and i'm not attacking frigate looking a movie in my trinc. I've to take care because everyhing can happen specially with the crew that is small and allow frig to board.

But between trinc and consti there is really a large hole that need to be focus on. I know this type of ships are pretty rare as trinco and consti are awsome but maybe guys, with your knowledge, could try to find something to reinforce the fleet in this sector...


About the sols, i don't really care as they need to be prettyr rare. We need to test forst ingermaland, bucentaure (hate you) and ocean ship first.

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A german (danish) Frigate would be fine.


SMS Eckernförde

German (Danish) 48 Guns Frigate



Ship name Eckernförde/ Gefion

Shiptyp Frigate    

Keel laid 1841

Launched: September 27, 1843

Boatyard: New Royal Copenhagen shipyard

Crew about 402 man

Construction costs 262 guilders

Fate scrapped 1891
or sunk in 1914


Technical specifications

Displacemen 1390 t

Length: 59 m

Width: 13,5 m

Draft: 5,68 m

Maximum speed:: 15 kn

Rigging: full ship

Sail area: 1989 m²


Technical data (according to Danish specifications)

Displacement: 1710 tons

Length: 51,9 m

Width: 12,9 m

Draft: 5.5 m forward, aft 5.9 m

Cannons: 48 x 24 pund arming

Guns: 2 x 60-pounder
 26 x long 24-pounder
20 x short 24-pounder



other Pictures:





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HMS Hazard 16 gun unrated ship-sloop of the Cormorant Class. (1794 - 1817)


Note: The Cormorant-Class is based on the french prize Panthère of 1744. And Rattlesnake/HMS Cormorant had a rather short career in the RN (1781-1786) with just two commissions, the last one under her original name.



Edited by Henry d'Esterre Darby
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Nobody's posted Christian VII yet?



I aim to please... ;)


Christian VII (Christian den Syvende), 80 guns, 1803 - 1838, design by F. Hohlenberg, excellent sailor and base for the British Black Prince-class:






High res version available.

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