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Player ship selection 1st Half 2016


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Hello Captains. 
Ships from the previous voting's are almost finished, with the exception of the Indefatigable, and will be delivered for testing in the near future.
Please propose vessels for the first half of 2016. 
The process is as usual:

  • This topic will be used for collection of proposals. 
  • After some time best proposals will be brought to voting
  • Voting will determine 2 ships that we will do based on player suggestions
  • 1 ship will be selected by developers as a wild card

Proposals could include:

  • Wooden (old or new) models of the ship or ships of the same class (sister ships)
  • Drawings (old or new) of the ship or the ship of the similar class (sister ships) 
  • Tech drawings if any

We want to bring ships from underrepresented nations into this voting; thus English/US/French vessels proposals are discouraged. Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Portuguese, maybe German built ships are encouraged.
Please limit the proposals by 1 ship per post - posting a picture of the vessel (or a chart or a drawing). We will judge the popularity of the vessel by player likes of the post.

Edit - H. Darby (Information based on the previous Ship Suggestion thread for 2015):
Ships from the years: 1600-1830 hard limit, 1690-1790 preferred

Please, when suggesting a ship, ask yourself - is this something that will be useful in the game, and that people will enjoy sailing and also, if it's a warship, fighting in/against?

Want to discuss a ship? Please DO NOT post in this thread - there's a great discussion thread posted by Mr. Jodgi here: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7327-discussion-player-ship-selection-1st-half-2016/Please discuss/lobby/ask questions in that thread. Thank you!

Edited by Henry d'Esterre Darby
Add time-span for acceptable designs. Add a link to Jodgi's discussion thread.
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Show Greece some love :P 

Greek-30 gun Corvette (Louis)



Info Page:




Or the frigate Hellas but i couldnt find any plans of her but she is the sister ship of USS Hudson.


Info page:


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