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Visible auction house and better contract options

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I moved/reposted on Admin Trade input post  http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/6184-trading-and-economy-feedback/


Firstly, I am not suggesting when in port we see other port prices and product. Only Current Port.


When buying or selling, we use the current system. Prices are best available. Qty at best price remaining in port is ##,  Whether addition qty is available 'qty','+' at higher/lower price



When placing contracts we have additional options.


Visible trade offers for all same product. Lists qty and price of current contracts, allowing better gauge of  how best to price your own.


Player specific trade - Place private contract, only visible and interactable by the named seller & Buyer.


Guild/Fleet Specific trade - Place Guild/Fleet contract, Only available to NAMED GUILD/FLEET, this need not be your own fleet.


Cash Transfer Contract - to individual or Named Guild/Fleet. Again does not have to be your own Fleet.

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