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Name your boat ehm ship!

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I would love to call my ship "Bucintoro" (Bucentaur in English). It is the Doge's ship in Venice. It was huge, beautiful and... useless but for parades LOL.

Or another name would be "Lepanto" in honor of the famous battle fought in 1571.

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I will call my ship "dinghy", so you can all fear my dinghy!

During playing i will hopefully change my ship from time to time so i will find different names for them. I don´t stick to special names, my builds get a "Workname" derived from towns, surnames, latin

"Karma" [Your inevitable defeat is the direct consequence of being my enemy].   Historically, captured ships used to keep their name if they fought well and did their nation proud.  Let's reverse it

I had a fir Trincomalee crafted for me by my friendly arch nemesis. He offered to do this when i told him the one I capped off of him sank. It turned out with gold build strength, gold speed, and 3-5 upgrade slots, pretty much perfect.


I threw purple copper plating, green mag access and a blue opt. rudder onto her and named her "Viking", because she was fast, brutal, merciless, and raided the British.


Her first dura was lost to an internet disconnect mid-escape. Her second dura was lost valiantly in a small battle fighting both a belle poule and another trincomalee to the death. Her 3rd dura was lost in a duel with Puchu that I damn near won until I made the mistake of sailing into the wind and allowing him to board me. She now belongs to my good friend and serves him well in her retirement days. 

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When I first launched the game I was under the impression that the name I chose would be the ship's name. So starting as a pirate I chose Drunken Spelunking as it implies reckless fun, excitement, and a healthy dose of danger.

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I would name my Trinco "Bounty's Peace" in memorial to the ship "bounty" from William Blight. Which is known for their munity.

And furthermore, because it is my "hunting" ship and when I am going for bounty hunting, I bring the hunted the peace on the bottom of the seas (But keep the ship). ;)

My 3rd is named "La Téméraire" ~ Thanks French :D

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I will put the name for the French nation, and the English nation. Add U.S.S. for the english name and remove The and you have the American one. They may be different.



Basic Cutter: Le Moustique / The Mosquito

That thing is tiny and don't do a lot of damage, but damn it can be a pain in the butt!



Snow: Le Revanche / The Revenge

While that ship is far from being a monster in firepower. It's actually the very first ship that can attack all the others and deal damage even to the biggest one. For that, you can take your revenge on all theses ships that were invulnerable before.



Cerberus: L'Indomptable / The Red Water

I struggle to control that ship and use it efficiently, but in the end. It was a nice ship.



Surprise: La Sentinelle / The Sentinel

That ship is the one I think is the first I can call a real frigate, easy to use with a nice firepower. It was a blast. And I was watching the sea with it, ready to stop gankers.


Renomme: Le Revolution / The Revolution

This, is a revolution. Just between the Cutter, and the Surprise... I give you, the I-laughtbecauseyoucan'tcatchme


Frigate: La Bouche de Feu / The Spitfire


Belle Poule: L'Aigle Noir / Black Eagle


Trincomalee: Le Redempteur / The Redemptor.



For the 3rd rate. I will name it: Le Prométheus / Prometheus (nothing to do with the movie, it's a reference to Megaman ZX.)

The Bellona will be Le Pandora / Pandora (again, Megaman ZX reference)


The Pavel will be La Vipère / The Viper



Santissima = Virus

Victory = Epsilon

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