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Greek Corvette Loudovikos(Louis)

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Loudovikos was a corvette of the Hellenic Navy built in 1838 at the Poros Naval Shipyard, designed by naval architect Georgios Tombazis. It was a relatively large ship (length 44.1 m, 1000-ton displacement), was armed with two 22-lb plus four 20-lb long guns, and twenty-four 32-lb carronades, and had a crew of 182. The ship was not operationally utilized, and since 1846 it was used as a training ship (renamed Messolongion in 1862). It officially remained in service with the Hellenic Navy until 1873.
Lenght:44.1 meters
Width:11.7 meters
Draft:4.5 meters
Tonnage:1016 tons
Crew: 182  


Armamament: 2 x 22 pounder guns
                       4 x 20 pounder long guns
                    24  x 32 pounder carronades
I know its a bit off the cut off period but not by that much.  :D
More images,model and info at(in Greek):http://www.greekshipmodels.com/default.aspx?pageid=170





Ship plans:

The pictures of the ship's plans where taken from the Hellenic Maritime Museum where they are exhibited.

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Unfortunately yes,she was launched kinda late but as I said in a previous post the design is not that modern at all.The museum researcher that I asked about the plans said the same thing.Especially if you consider that sail ships were starting to get replaced by steam ships.

Also I think that we don't have many corvette plans kicking around so just give her a chance D:

Getting the plans for her was really hard

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