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'Minerva' Dutch (With Plans)

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This ship was Dutch in origin and is not to be confused with the HMS Minerva (suggested here).  While the technical drawing does not explicitly state that the ship was named Minerva, the model's details are consistent with models of the Minerva.




132 X 37 feet (probably Amsterdam feet)

24 guns on the lower deck

12 guns on the top deck



tF5eBtE.jpgSource: Rotterdam Maritime Museum


Also, thanks to Wicked Mouse for providing links (to the Friesmuseum) of greater details for the figurehead and stern.


His Links





Edit: Fixed links

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Hi possible fellow dutchman  :) , do you by any chance have a sail plane of this ship? and maybe some more information regarding internal compartment and functioning. I am thinking about 3d modeling this beauty. Maybe you can help me out.



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I love that you've taken an interest in the ship, but even though I don't have the sail-plans for this ship, I would suggest searching through www.maritiemdigitaal.nl for similar sail-plans (be careful to choose one from the right time-period).  That being said, there is a print from 1804 that shows its sails.





When doing the internals, I would suggest looking at De Leeuw's plans and removing a deck. Also, I suggest talking to Maturin as he has considerable knowledge of ships during this time-period.  

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This ship is so beautifull, those smooth lines. I want to get to know more of this ships history, i already read somethings on wikipedia. But that may not be the best source.

Thank you for the information and the picture, that can probably help me a lot. I will also try to contact Maturin the coming weeks. Will probably start a WIP on this forum some time soon.


Thanks again.

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Robbie, if you going to make a 3D model of this ship for this game, all the devs need is the hull if I remember correctly.


I also have a bit of a love affair for this ship myself, and would love to see it in the game.



However, when looking up the ship on Three Decks, I have not been able to find a 36 gun-frigate of the name Minerva.  I did however find a Danish one which seems to have the same gun arrangement:  http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=17810


If it is Dutch, I would think that ship could be the Argo, however the Argo seems to be longer. http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=16094

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The link provided is where the information comes from.  It says that even though the ship name is not said explicitly, the ship's plan matches with both models of "Minerva" and "Prins Willem Frederik Hendrik".  As for the Argo, all I can find are plans for four masted ships (not surprising if it's longer).

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