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when will it be on steam?

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I hope its comming soon on steam cuz i wanna play this game. Friends off my are playing this game already and i didn't know off the open alpha beginning jun this year so i whas to late to join in :(.


If its possable to gett a key more urly pls tell me how ? 

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This game really seems to be fantastic. Cannot wait to play this. I really loved PotbS, but the game is rather outdated. So just as I thought there would never be a worthy successor, I found this... and must admit that I'm flattered.

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Same here been following this game a few months now and would love to join.

Even if it's nog the open world.

So i can start some practice shots.

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Admin just posted this on the Steam Greenlight page 21 hours ago. 


"Clarification on the stated release date.

Hello Captains 

During green light we promised that the game will open in some form to players at the end of 2014. Wanted to clarify our end of 2014 release date as it causes concern for some players.

  • On 21st of September we started pre-orders on our website and announced it on our forums and Facebook. 
  • On the 21 of November the Steam version of the game was opened to everyone who pre-ordered and we started delivering Steam Keys to all buyers. 
  • We continued open sales of the game until 21st of February and then closed the sales for 2 reasons: a) we wanted to deliver high level of service during alpha and wanted to slow down the sales; B) Valve does not allow pre-orders for indie developers on Steam so we could not do the same through the Steam store.

All pre-order buyers received the game on steam on 21st of November 2014 (at the end of 2014) as we promised on Greenlight.

Since then, the game have changed a lot and we plan to release by the end of 2015. Somewhere within 1-2 months from this date. We want to add port battles, finalize some of the game mechanics and prepare the infrastructure before the release.

Alpha was available to pre-order buyers on steam as promised - at the end of 2014
Early access edition will launch within 1-2 months (and definitely in 2015)."
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