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'Descubierta' Spanish Corvette (With Plans)

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Here is the History of the Spanish corvette called "Descubierta" and her twin "Atrevida"




The ships was builded with the original armament:



• 22 x 8 lbs.
• 4 x 6 lbs.


But for the expedition, only carried:


• 14 x 6 lbs.
•   2 x 4 lbs.









Carlos Parrilla´S drawings:  http://carlosparrillapenagos.es/pintura-naval/



Authentic Wood models from the Naval Museum of Madrid:



the expedition version 16 guns:





The original version 26 guns:






Drawings and plans.











Drawings for the original version:





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More in coming:


There is a person whor are making a wood model with a good fidelity of the real ship, I´m talking with him to get his permission to put here his images of his drwaings and the photos of his wood model. 


For now waiting for his answer. ;)

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For Spanish vessels, bear in mind that they were very strongly built but often radically under-gunned (9-pdr sloops carrying 6-pdrs, for example).

So in the game their armaments can be stretched.

yes, it was a problem with the spanish lower vessels. only to the end of the century,  some vessels were overpower it

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If she was built for exploration, she may well have been slow (and safe), as was Cook's bark Endeavor. (6 knots is very slow even for close-hauled sailing.)


Of course, if you can chug along at 4-6 knots with few interruptions, you can make faster passages than nominally faster ships.

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Look at the 2nd model (listed 26 guns, looks accurate and built to plans) this is no merchant style vessel but a naval corvette of a light frigate type, with an elegant streamlined hullform.


I expect similar corvettes were built for naval purposes (minus the covered quarterdeck).

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Love the look of this ship, and would love to see her in the game.  She would be a great exploration ship and scout.


I really hope the find a way to make these smaller ships viable so not everyone is sailing in 5th rates + a few months after launch.  But thats a topic for another thread.

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They were builded how a military vessels, but were remodeled for the exploration travel( reduced their armament, closeing some gunsport to made cubicles, here are the image with this remodelation:




Information about their speed:


The Malaspina´s corvettes had neither a helmet nor designed for speed but to have little depth rig ( ships were scouting ) and mainly carry much cargo because their voyages were important. However, despite these constraints were reasonably fast boats , fifty days from Cadiz to Montevideo are about 5 knots on average. Both the newspaper and the Malaspina one of his lieutenants (Viana ) are cited but not speed does not seem to reach that far, perhaps because reduced candles to save faults.

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