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Help Identify ship!

Ned Loe

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This is the 80-gun ship is la Couronne.

La Couronne

At Brest

By A. Groignard


Other name: Ça Ira in 1792

Modification 2/3 in 1777

Destroyed by fire in 1781 and rebuilt in 100 days !!

Important modification in 1784 because the very fast reconstruction.


184 'x 46' x 22 '6 "(182' to rabbet at rabbet in a waterline)

30-gun of 36lb

32-gun of 24lb

18-gun of 8lb

Total 80-gun

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Surcouf is wrong though it is not the La Couronne this is the La Couronne 




Not quite, as it seems that he is speaking of this ship, who's previous name was Couronne: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_ship_%C3%87a_Ira_(1781)


EDIT: image of the Agamemnon (right) firing on Ca Ira (left)


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For a period from 1650 to 1850 in the French Marine Royale, there are 6 vessels having worn the name la Couronne.

1/ 90-gun 1667-1709 (3 decks)

2/ 74-gun 1748-1765

3/ 80-gun 1766-1795 (1792 Ça Ira)

4/ 74-gun of Sané-Borda 1811-1813

5/ 74-gun of Sané-Borda1812-1853 (1812 Glorious, the Minerva 1832)

6/ 74-gun of Sané-Borda 1813-1869

The plan of Wind is No. 3

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