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[WIP] Panteleymon Vyctoria 3d rate 66 guns 3D model (completed 20/07/2015)

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k ill send an email at once then thnx :D

Mirones, gamelabs does the texturing rigging and masts themselves.

If you have any suggestions on a ship you are welcome to give me a link hehe.




HMS Leopard 50gun




or maybe something spanish but need to check for one



choose what ever plans you like in the shipyard

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I think the spanish community would very gladly welcome a spanish design which is not the santissima trinidad.


Maybe something in the range of 44-50 cannons. Or a dedicated 12pd frigate is a very good choice.

Skimming the Shipyard I found the 4th rate Mirones proposed very interesting:


One gorgeous ship which fills a gap and makes many players happy :)

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