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[WIP] Panteleymon Vyctoria 3d rate 66 guns 3D model (completed 20/07/2015)

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I decided to try and model my first ship :D

Though I'm a bit confused by the cannon count which should be 66 guns.




I'm following these blueprints and if im counting right there are 33 gun ports on each side.

Now that means there are 66 guns already, but there are still 2 stern cannons i didnt add to the count, so then there are at least 68 guns.

Also I can't seem to find any information if it has bow chasers. then the ship would have 70 guns in total? (in case there are 2 bow chasers).

If anyone knows a picture or plan with its bow chasers visible that would help out a lot (if it has them hehe).


Here is my progress so far, if you see anything I'm doing wrong please let me know hehe.

Dont mind the stern to mid area, there needs to be another deck and a lot more details.








Hope you guys know more about this :D


Thanks a lot!














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Wow this one look sexy;-) Dear devs can you hire this artist?

I think its a great idea to buy professional work off fans of the game, i doubt they would ask much if they are here to support the game they also play

Id be down with giving them a special rank so people in game knew they added content

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