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'Golden' Yacht 8-Guns (With Plans)

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That´s why we can bake normal textures :P


Really enjoying this build, nice job so far, WM :)

What do you mean by that exactly? :D I'm still fairly new to modelling :)  This is my second time doing so. First thing was this intercity wagon of the NS (Dutch Railways) in 3DSM.


And thanks :) I've been enjoying making it so far. Just hope I can get it into the game. That'd be awesome :D



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The port is very close to the point of pivoting, so I think it's all right. On any pictures or drawings I cannot see it any larger. The rudder doesn't move much either. The whipstaff doesn't allow for a lot of movement.


And when I was talking about high poly-count, I wasn't talking about the texturing, but for the game. ;)


Here's current progress:



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I felt that finding and using a model of a real horse would be overdoing it, so I decided to just create my own, from scratch. I'm no expert in equestrian anatomy, so please don't be too harsh on me :D I've also narrowed the windowed thingy in the middle and added some simple decorations.



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Thanks for those words of encouragement. Let's hope we can get that dream 'materialize' :D Tonight, I've been trying and practising UV unwrapping/texturing a little bit. Grabbed some oak texture from the net and I gave the hull a quick "fix", just for the heck of it, but it gives a rough idea of the colour scheme:



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