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RECRUITMENT: Merchant Navy - Sharing Trading Prices

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One thing it makes clear is that the Dev's will need to create some formula for "usage". Each village or town will need to be creating some things and using up some others.




Nueva Barcelona has access to lots of Limestone = so the price is always low, low, low for that. However they have no coal or Iron there so AS THEY USE UP the Coal and Iron that traders bring in the prices fluctuate over time. A little higher when supplies are low and a little lower when supplies are high.


That's how it should work.


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I would also like to join you.  Good idea

I did a post on this in "Trading economy and feedback" today.    I made a spreadsheet too if your interested we can combine them?  Looking at your original post, ha, ha, prices have sure evened out!!


Even so I expect there will be good opportunities OW, especially at the "ends of the earth" trading wise?  It will be fun to watch this develop.

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I am on a long trading voyage and at the time of posting on my 34th port of call. I have made money on the routine resources but still not found a buyer for some of my rare items (spice and meat). There is little demand and looks like I paid too much. I had anticipated a higher sale price for rare items.

Instead of recording prices I have simply been noting what each port produces and consumes so that in future when I pick up a commodity at a good price I know which port consumes it. I am happy to share this data.

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Trading prices should be kept as a secret. Picture this, you find a very profitable route and post the prices.  Next thing you know, your seeing 10 ships trading the same route you discovered.  Suddenly your profits are gone.  

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