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HMS Queen Charlotte

Lord Howe

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I think that this would be a nice addition as a British Capital ship. Based on the draught of the Royal George she has a certain splendor to her. Also she had 18s rather than 12s on her upper gun deck. If someone had plans or the capacity to model her I think that she would fit in well. I refer to the 1790 Queen Charlotte (Glorious First of June) as opposed to the 1810 ship of the same name.




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well.. we will already have 3 1st rates..  (victory, santisima trinidad, commerce de marseille (soon))

If you asked me we dont need any more of those floating batteries.


Give us some more 2nd to 5th rates to play along and I am happy.


but 1st rates will most likely be a rarity in the final OW build.

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It would hardly be historical, though, if we only had three 1st Rates to choose from in the final game. Variety is a good thing, though I agree that adding more 1st Rates probably shouldn't be the devs' priority right now. 

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