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[PLEASE READ] How to set up Multiplayer Matches

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Finding opponents
Because the multiplayer lobby is indeed not the typical found in other games of the genre, many players ask us how to use it. Usually players just wait in the lobby but that does not help to find opponents. Please use the following advice:

  • Search manually the list of battles on the left if there is any opponent waiting for a battle. You will see a number that indicates the number of players waiting to play the map and which side you can command.
  • Press the Random button to do this automatically. If there is no opponent at that time, a random battle will be chosen for you and a side so a searching opponent can join.
  • Just select a battle from the list and a side to play. An opponent can use the above mentioned advice to find you and join the battle.

Quick guide
Step 1
Click on one of the available battles. Then Press "Select Battle".


Step 2
After selecting the battle you can select your side. If the side you select has at least one opponent waiting, the battle will begin. Else you will wait for an opponent to join you.

Please note that Alt+Tab is not working fully well in multiplayer (due to a Unity incompatibility with Steam overlay).
It can cause the following issues:
- If you Alt+Tab while you wait for an opponent to join your selected battle, anyone who joins will not be able to start the battle until you enter the game with Alt+Tab
- If you frequently Alt+Tab the game while in gameplay, casualties and some unit actions may freeze, causing some temporary or more severe problems to the game synchronization
- Play multiplayer in Window Mode (change via the options)
- Try to avoid  Alt+Tab as much as possible

Thank you for the understanding,
The Game-Labs Team



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Another solution from which I have found works is this.


Start Ultimate General Gettysburg in Single Player mode. From Single player mode click Multiplayer tab. This will restart your game and start the Multiplayer server. For some reason Steam will work and Alt + Tab will work.


This is my troubleshoot and it works for me, it may need some more testing to see if it works for others as well.

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Hi Paulus,


you need to have that friend on your Steam list first.


Then, you launch the game (MP), select the friend you wish to play with from the list, send the invite and voila.


Thanks - once my Steam friend connected they showed up in the Invite list so you can only invite when they are actually in the game or have Steam connected.



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