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Open world behavior and chat bans

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On 12/10/2016 at 5:32 PM, Captain Pickle said:

Clearly you haven't read any of my posts on this topic i have done my own inquiry on the system i reported my findings the systems a problem i have even used my self as a test subject with the in game reporting service its a laugh and as for photoshoping the evidence ya it would work why simple take it to the tribunal and there you have it since the tribunal has a connection to the developers by some stroke of luck and don't go saying it wont work i have seen the tribunal do it. 

And i have answered his question as clearly as a can make it clearly you must be harboring some resentment from the past to come back and pester me again. further more if INK wishes for a more clearer description he can ask me DIRECT not through YOU hes capable of doing so unless you are ink as well i wouldn't doubt it.

My job on these forums, as I've explained in the past, is to enforce the rules.  The rule is - flat out - chat violations are to be reported via the in-game report system, NOT on Tribunal.  Ink has posted himself today in response to a Chat-based Tribunal thread this very statement.

This is not negotiable.

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