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Naval Action Reenactment Society - Any Interest

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I have been reading some naval books recently and I thought it would be cool to create a youtube series about the life of Nelson and some of his battles and engagements and other nautical things - like five minutes each.


My questions are:


1) To the devs: would we be allowed to use in game footage from Naval action (with attribution) for this purpose?


2) To the community: Would anyone like to do a reenactment ? I was thinking of starting with something small like the Agamemnon's engagement with the Ca Ira/Vestale in the Med (13/03/1795)

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I would certainly be willing to help out. Here's an idea: let's do a live-action reenactment!

Step 1: gather all the NA players

Step 2: acquire period attire

Step 3: steal the HMS Victory


All humor aside, you have a great idea here :) I hope it is successful

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