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I would like to see more battle options for when ships are successfully boarded.


All dependant on a suitable amount of crew available to carry out the task, condition of the ship captured and physically reducing your current battle crew appropriately.




You remove boarding party and prisoners and sink the enemy ship with a ball through the hull. Full damage xp as if sunk with cannon fire and possible future gain from prisoners. Head bounty etc.


Secure Prize

An absolute minimum number of your crew on the prize to guard the subdued crew. No crew available for fighting or sailing duties. Probably basic repair to remain afloat. (In effect what we have now)


Secure and sail prize away

Larger prize crew, large enough to man the sails and guard prisoners. You give the prize crew a heading to sail away from battle on. Your national flag flies over the captured ships flag as ai sail to the horizon while you continue the fight and probably guard your prize as it escapes. When prize reaches a reasonable distance from the fight a message "Prize has escaped" pops up and you can disengage knowing you have done enough to gain the prize even though enemy ships are still present.


Secure and man for combat.

Only if captured ship has a minimum of damage(20% ?). You decide to add the prize to the combat group as an ai. you have to be able to crew it sufficiently to keep a fighting crew both on your own and the captured vessel. It acts as a hired combat vessel.


Secure and exchange.

You decide to move your entire crew into the new ship and leave a prize crew behind on your own.(What we have now if you 'X' capture during battle). You choose one of the above options for the ship you are moving from. *Scuttle, Secure Prize, Secure and Sail prize away, or Secure and man for combat(Your own ship becomes the ai).


* Why would you scuttle and exchange I hear you ask. If your own ship was unable to survive but transferring your crew officers etc into a less damaged ship to continue the fight or flee, whilst guaranteeing the enemy could not capture your own ship. this is why you might contemplate the scuttle order.



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verry good points i hope they work this into the system i also wish they could add some animation to boarding. small stuff like you crew look as if they are firing muskets at the other ship or crew swining accross to attack stuff like that

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Thankyou for your support guys and z4ys for your earlier post.


I agree MacVaultDweller the 3 way boarding would add an extra element to the battle.



My only other possible suggestion would be.


Physically escorting your newly acquired AI ship to a port you do not have an outpost at post battle, would also permit you to sell at any port, with the added danger that en-route you may find yourself attacked and lose the prize.

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