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Games similar to Naval Action

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24 minutes ago, EdWatchmaker said:

Check out 8Bit Goose Games on YouTube. One man dev, one little sailboat ATM. He hopes to launch on Steam this year. There's no bang, bang shoot'em up and it's being developed for VR but I think you might enjoy it.

Fair sailing all. 

Looked quite similar to VR regatta, had a look at that one? I'd be interested in a VR sailing sim if it was accurate enough to legitimately learn from it.


As for OP, while I didn't get around to actually playing it, maybe Empire : Total War or : Napoleon : TW is a very different yet still potentially potent replacement of line battle PBs (at least what they used to be like)?

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14 hours ago, dagdriver said:

I dont know what to think of this.

On 1 hand it there are so many downright stupid things. On the other hand graphically it looks amazing.

If only they didnt go for that excessive Pirates of the Caribbean fantasy look.....

Remember, it's Ubisoft, they're masters at flaunting fake graphics that never make it to the real game.

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I'm amazed nobody mentioned the PiratesAhoy! so called "Build Mod" or "New Horizons" for the 2003 game, Pirates of the Caribbean (a.k.a. Sea Dogs II). I'm sure quite a few of you must have heard of it or played at least once upon a time.

It's still being developed here, and is, I dare say, the best single player AoS game out there, with tons and tons of content - and you can play it however you like: arcade-ish or realistic.

I'm currently trying my luck as a smuggler which is high risk high reward (got my favourite officer killed, and almost died myself, last time I tried selling on Puerto Rico, getting caught in a four-way fight between bandits, smugglers, natives, and soldiers!).

I play using the DirectSail mode, which means I sail directly between the islands instead of using the World Map. It's great. The only thing I'm missing is the sailing mechanics and combat of NA.



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