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'Montebello' 1st rate, 120 guns (With Plans)

Ned Loe

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French 1st rate ship with 120 guns.


Launched in 1812, Montebello was an Océan type ship of the line of the French Navy. Plans list her as a 120-gun ship, but many historical references refer to her as a 118-gun ship.





Ship Plans (Dropbox)

download only


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If the Montebello is referenced as a 118guns or a 120, i guess it's because the largest Sané 3 decks were tagged as 118 guns until 1824, when the Commission de Paris whose aim was to reforge the french navy, reorganised the ship ranks : 120 guns, 100 guns, 90 guns (and 80 guns). New 120 guns were planned, whereas the old 118 guns became 120 guns.

The 118 guns were fitted at times with more than 120 guns, up to 132 (130 or 132  for the Montebello, i'm not sure)


When Montebello was refited in 1822, it was slightly enlarged, the forecastle and the quarterdeck were joined together so that a kind of 4th deck was created.


if i'm not wrong the Montebello and the 118 guns were sligthly longer and had a slightly more important displacement than the Santisima Trinidad.


Anyway, we don't know if the Montebello will be in game one day, but the Océan, for sure.

It will be a nice opponent to the ST. :)

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Yes, the Ocean class were of course built as 118 (or 120) gun ships, where the Santisima is a mere 112 gun ship with some added small guns that aren't really worth the trade-off in handling (note, Spain did not convert any of their other 1st rates in this manner).

So the Ocean class will be the biggest and most powerful ships ingame when they are added.

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