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Help identify ship! Swedish Frigate 1700s 28 guns (With Plans)

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Nevermind Wind, i took a closer look. It was definitely not it. 


Found a model which looks very similar in the front (The middle one) 



- No need to tease Bungee ;)


- - Found it on Threedecks i think, still, no more information than before though. http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=17503


- - - Found a list of Swedish Frigates and on it is two frigates by the name "By Chapman". One launched in 1803 and the other in 1830. The first one was a 40 gun frigate and the second a 36 gun. How reliable this information is, i have no idea. http://www.bruzelius.info/Nautica/Ships/War/SE/memosefr.html

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Just count the quarterdeck gunports and answer that yourself.


Its a chapman design. But not in the Chapmans nautica "sth." book wich I just checked.

And quick google has no result, too. Wind is well known as a very good research dude so I guess I wont find anything leading to the correct model.

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hmmm probably HMS af chapman(1803)

My french is a bit rusty but it says something about that this is the last of Chapman productions,

He died 1808 and that was the last frigate made when he was still alive corresponding with the guns and dimensions of the print.

It also says that the ship was sold to Colombia in 1825, which HMS af chapman(1803) was.

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