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Cannons and their "labels"


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Hello all,


I am recently working my way into 3d modeling and started a french 32 pounder.


Now I wonder:

- British naval cannons all have the crown as symbol on the bore so everyone knows: this cannon comes from a royal gunsmith.

- The spanish made the same with their ofn royal symbols..

- A french 1707 gun looked like this:



- but when the revolution happened there was clearly no way the french gunsmiths will put the french king's insignia on ANY kind of weapon..


So what did the french do?

Did they simply make smooth barrels? Or did they use any other kind of symbols?


I dont know..

But I will apreciate any kind of help on this subject

And if I am totally wrong: this is the perfect place to right me.


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well.. that cannon was wayyyy over saturated with decoration haha..

thanks alot for the images. Altho the gun was made in 1685.

The decorations are just-- stunning. I wonder hoe much time one had to spend on such a barrel..

By the looks of it.. was this a 12 pounder? That number is engraved on the barrel.



The plan I have is about a naval 32-pounder around 1800 so if anyone can help me out there.. that would be epic.


my progress so far



Not finished by any means but I feel I am getting better :P

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I'm not sure about the shot weight; I took pictures of two them. The first one is a bit smaller than the second one, but both where definitely land (fort/castle) based cannons. I would not be surprised if they where 18 pounders or more, judging from the sheer mass of the things. I think (speculation) they where Venetian inspired designs, but I may be completely wrong on that. I did not have anything with me to put in the picture for size comparison unfortunately.


If I spot some more, I'll see if I can snap some more pictures.




Edit: nice progress on the models.

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