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Le Bucentaure   Bucentaure was an 80-gun ship of the line of the French Navy, and the lead ship of her class. She was the flagship of Vice-Admiral Latouche Tréville, who died on board on 18 August

le Bucentaure  is ready and waiting its turn for QA with others ships like Ocean, Hermione, Prince and others.  The dev team is focused on game-play issues and delivering the new patch. As mentioned b

Here are some pics of the Bucentaure:   http://imgur.com/a/ty7bN

Posted Images

By the way I'm very glad to be able to sail that beauty now...


But I do have a question...


The figurehead of the Bucentaure is supposed to be half bull and half man but it seems to be half horse and half man. Is it intentional?


Also as a side note all the paintings and drawings of the figurehead show a club hold high and not a trident.


I think a "Centaur" is a mythical creature half-horse half-man. The "Minotaur" however, is half-bull half-man.

As for the club, you are right, most drawings do show a club and not a trident... Though I must say, I really like the trident, looks more agressive and "sea-like" !

The Bucentaure sure looks even better in game then on the pictures, though I would have loved a unified coulor for the figurehead and this poopdeck hous out ! :P

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Minotaur has 2 legs :D


Indeed it is ! I did not realise it was in itself a an entire creature until you brought that up Louis ! Thanks for the info !

So it seems the "Bucentaure" is supposed to be some kind of half Centaur half Minotaur, but in fact I found it is very rarely represented as it. I wonder if it's not mostly pictured as a "Centaur", people may have done the same mistake as I have.

As to know if it was represented as a centaur on the Bucentaure itself, or only on it's representations (paintings, drawings, models etc...) I dont know. ^^


Ps : I know how many legs a minotaur has ! :P

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From the Patch 9.93 thread:


its a feature :) it had this thing
but maybe the french line ship specialists can provide more info on this in the shipyard section by means of feedback ?)))

I'm not a specialist by any means, having the shed is probably not wrong but it spoils the looks.

Afaik the "shed" was only supposed to be there in peacetime, and would be removed for war, so either decision is probably correct.


There are depictions of the ship without them, but you can easily find lots with it.

Here are a few without:













And the best one yet - this seems to have been done when the ship was still afloat and not from heresay:









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AFAIK, this is the only contemporary image of Bucentaure (note solid bulwarks on poop deck), and the plans used for the model in game were from the Guillame Tell, which has the open rails seen in game, but no cabin on the poop deck.  While I know these cabins were a thing on many French ships, even during wartime, I am curious as to the basis of inclusion in game.

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Bucentaure hosted the Franco-Spanish war council while sheltered from the British fleet at Cadiz.  (wiki)


I would say, the shed was a expannsion in port to give the council more space and was removed when leaving port.


I bet paintings showing the shed while sailing are just fantasy by the painter because he only saw the ship in port.

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The Trafalgar diorama. The ship has a shed on poop deck.




Also there is a very nice painting in Paris Naval Museum of le Bucentaure without the shed.




Sometimes artists lose some details or exaggerate details to make the composition of their paintings more attractable. This is why a single ship will looks not the same on different paintings.


In case of this ship we decided to add the shed to make the ship more unique look. This is an interesting detail which was on this ship during its lifetime. Also it makes its silhouette more recognizable.


P.S. Most ships have the hen cages on poop deck.  La Renommee and l'Hermione have ones.





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I like the shed on the Bucentaure. A matter of taste...


PS : a Centaur has the lower body of a horse and the upper body of a human ; a Bucentaure is a centaur with the lower body of a bull or an ox ; the Minotaur has the body of a man and the head of a bull.

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