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HMS Dauntless / HMS Endeavour

Ned Loe

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Is this ship real?




The HMS Dauntless was one of the strongest ships in the British Royal Navy serving under King George II, most notably under the command of Commodore James Norrington. As one of the Empire's premiere warships and renowned pride of the Royal Navy, this ship was agile, fast, and carried 100 guns.









Later became HMS Endeavour






















Who wants this ship in a game?








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I'm assuming they based her on the Victory but there are some changes, all of them bad.


The stern gallery has been moved up about 4-5 feet to make the quarterdeck taller and more galleon-like, meaning the decks no longer line up with the stern gallery windows. You'd have half a window at ceiling level and the other half at floor level of the next deck up.


Bow has been moved up too, general proportions of hull and masts are off and she has no tumblehome, the hull sides instead curve outwards above the waterline making the weatherdeck almost as broad as the waterline itself. Combined with the rest of the design would make her absurdly top heavy, I'm not even sure she could stay upright in calm weather.

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