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I could not see this covered so started a new thread to cover suggestions for the forum.. to start it off.

On the mobile site may I suggest having the ability to pick the page I wish to view from the thread or could you add a first post and last post button?

I am finding sometimes I have to flip through 15 or more pages just to see the last post..... not desirable when one may be in an area where mobile internet is slow.

Many thanks

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The developers are using third party forum software, there is a link at the bottom of the page. You may want to head over to their discussion forums and see if there is a feature request section. You have a great idea, but you need to get it in front of the people who can actually implement it. :)

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I understand that that this is an Invision Power board  but it is just used under license so to speak in my experience.

All of the templates add-ons and plugins as well as other features are usually dealt with by the person who starts the board up or a webmaster.

I could be wrong but usually you deal with these additions from the Forum control panel. and if not available seek them from the forums over at IPboards :)

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