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This game is all about PvP?

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 why should PvE be dragged into playing PvP when they don't want too play it that way, stop thinking everything needs to be realistic, not everything is going to be that way.


7000 captains participated in the sea trials, many bought the game and never played, many sent us donations without buying a game. This is all without ANY marketing efforts on our part.

Players did this because Naval Action is one of the best age of sail games, not because it is a pvp game. Thousands of players in the sea trials have not tried PVP Once.


They are usually silent and read forums as guests (just like now - there are more guests than registered users).

Someone will have to protect their interests.


I am a hardcore pvp player and always was (current PVP OW vision is how I wanted it to be) but in this case I am representing PVE players.

I have 2500 votes. 

PvP players have another half

the rest are undecided and just want a good game



Different ruleset servers might happen and this was promised long time ago.

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