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Running into an issue as i type at the moment. 


The dutch are attacking Puerto de Espana. They have english and dutch ships sitting outside tagging all the french. Then they leave the battle. French are sitting waiting to join the port battle, and the dutch/english tag them again! Then they run away again. 


This is a tactic that is preventing PvP and preventing the defender from actually defending their ports, because even if they are inside the port and exit to defend, the "you cant enter battles" timer is so absurdly long that an enemy can ensure only facing small numbers or even an empty port.


Fix this. Its stupid.

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I want to bring up an issue with boarding.  I already hate the fact that you can set up a "boarding ship", go out and ram someone, press "G" and win.  It means that everyone must choose whether to load up on boarding preps and be prepped in battle.  Annoying.  The issue I've discovered (I think) is that the speed limit for boarding does not take into account acceleration.  The boarder can ram while holding down "G" and the instant that the speed requirements are met, you're pulled.  The other night, my ship was rapidly transitioning from -5kts to a positive speed, I had good wind and would have rapidly pulled away, yet as my speed approached zero (quickly!) I got pulled.  It's just such a crazy mechanic.  It's not even a class of ship issue IMO.  Just a ram/win mechanic.

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